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Cake this week.. October 22nd

Posted on by Kelly @ Sugar Everywhere

Hello all.

This week Sugar Everywhere has seen 36 cupcakes out the door to Jenny’s cafe in Brackley. In a Halloween theme to complete their children’s meal offers.
Well worth a visit if your looking for affordable yummy food, a coffee or of course one of our yummy cupcakes!!

A 6″ cake for a customer who’s husband (the recipient) is an Arsenal supporter.
Cake included hand made chocolate stars &  a mini ediable Arsenal football shirt.


A 8″ chocolate cake & cupcakes to celebrate Eid. First of its kind in our portfolio.

We have also made 30 cupcakes in a new flavour which has been extensively tested by 9 cake testers & 3 children.
All new flavours even if a recipe is purchased from a company/person who has tested it they are still tested by our team of cake testers before it makes it into our flavours & fillings recipe box.

Looking forward to next weeks cake work which includes a 3 tier cake for a 18th birthday party.

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