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Cars cake for Issac

Posted on by Kelly @ Sugar Everywhere

Issac’s mum Jane came to Sugar Everywhere wanting a cake for her son’s birthday.

Jane had found a cake online she liked and had ideas on what to change.
The picture supplied was of a baker’s cake who is also a personal friend to Sugar Everywhere.

We were delighted when we were given permission from celebration cakes by amy to use her design.


The signs and logos that Jane wanted really turnt the cake into something personal for Issac.

For the first time we had a slip up.
(Hey not bad been in business for over 2 years and its our first)
Thanks to a vigilant dad it was noticed BEFORE leaving so was put right before it left. So only our pictures show the mistake.

Issac was in fact 5 not 2! :-s

The cake was a lemon sponge with blue sponge layers and yellow sponge layers with a homemade lemom curd & lemon buttercream filling.  Covered in fondant with fondant decorations.
Lighting Mcqueen himself is made from homemade rice krispie treats covered in fondant before being hand painted.

Happy 5th Birthday Issac

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