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Good bye 2013 hello 2014

Posted on by Kelly @ Sugar Everywhere


Sometimes I write these posts wondering if I am talking to myself, but I have decided even if I am then it gives me something to look back on.

2013 has been a great year with lots of new things tried and even our first wedding cakes.
As my family grows the more time I can find for cake as our youngest has started nursery.
I was asked the other day what my favourite cake to date was…
That is such a hard one.
I can name the cake that nearly broke me!!
The cake that had me crying into fondant at 3am, I can also name the cake that kept me up till 5am.
But to pick my favourite is just too difficult.

Sugar Everywhere brings me so much joy as well as tears at times but I still love what I do & I really believe that tears just prove how much I care.

There seems to be more and more cake businesses popping up around but we are so very lucky that we have a fabulous client base with many loyal returning customers.
We are so thankful for each & everyone of our clients as you all help support our little local business.

2014 has some great times ahead. it’s already February and we are fully booked until March.
We have wedding cakes booked for April, May, July, August & September as well as a minimum of a one booking per month for the whole year ahead!

The blog has not been kept up to date as things have been so busy but today I have uploaded LOTS of pictures to the albums along we some new pages as those who visit regularly (Hi mum!! mum-in law!!) 😉
will notice.
Go have a look around and of course feel free to leave a comment or three!!

Now it’s a Saturday… all cake has gone for the weekend & the evening has been spent on the website update.
Now time for bed.

I leave you with some photo grids of Sugar Everywhere work in 2013.
Thanks for reading & supporting SE

Kelly @ Sugar Everywhere xx


PhotoGrid_1368001215742 PhotoGrid_1368009575840 PhotoGrid_1368009890591 PhotoGrid_1368009920609 PhotoGrid_1368453420970 PhotoGrid_1369472091572 PhotoGrid_1369949907490 976809_460890850660850_1635859764_o

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