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Mr & Mrs McNally’s Wedding Cake

Posted on by Kelly @ Sugar Everywhere

Sugar Everywhere was asked to create a cake for such a special occasion.

It really is an honour to be part of such special moments.  😀

The bride had asked for a cake in white and purple with polka dots.
After a consultation the design was drawn up.
The bride sourced the wooden Donkeys from Etsy.


The bottom tier was a vanilla maderia sponge with strawberry jam & vanilla buttercream filling. Covered in white icing with Amethyst purple spots.

The middle tier was a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream filling. Covered in Amethyst purple icing with white spots.

The top tier a luscious lemon with homemade lemon curd & lemon buttercream filling. Covered in a white icing with Amethyst spots.

Set up and delivered to Moore Place Hotel in Aspley Guise Milton Keynes.

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